Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The 2011 Adventure

Only a few weeks to go.

The Lotus is being cleaned with an actual (not proverbial) toothbrush, because Australian quarantine officials are notoriously fussy about cars being shipped in from unclean countries. The same goes for hiking boots, tents, mountain bikes, etc.

Immediately after Easter, it will be pushed into a 40-foot container along with all of the household stuff, and put on a boat towards Australia. That will take about 2 months.

During those 2 months, Karen and I will be travelling slowly back to Australia ... so as not to arrive much before the container ... because our winter clothes will be inside said container.

That journey will take us by train NW across Europe ... by plane to Ireland and UK ... before another flight to Moscow. There's 2 weeks blown away already. In Moscow, we will board the Trans-Siberian Railway ... and trundle across the vast expanse that is Russia and Mongolia ... where we will celebrate Karen's 50th birthday ... before arriving in Beijing. That's another 2 weeks blown away, so we then have to spend 4 weeks wandering around China by train ... before catching a flight

from Singapore to Melbourne to synchronise with the arrival of the above-mentioned container.

If you want to follow the Trans-Siberian Blog, it'll be on ...  ...
www.blackhumourgoeshome.blogspot.com ...