Tuesday, June 1, 2010

What it's all about ...

The Alps to Arctic Circle expedition will take a Lotus Elise 111R from Lugano on the Southern side of the Swiss Alps to Tromso, way above the Arctic Circle and just short of the most northerly point of the European continent.

The route starts by crossing the Alps via the Tremola pass (the old cobbled Gotthard pass), then streaks up through Germany, flashes through Denmark, before crossing the longest bridge to Sweden, then into Oslo, before finally having a 3-day break in Bergen on the west coast of Norway.

From there it's a 5-day crawl along the Fjordish coast to Tromso, where we have several days of R&R (without sleep because the sun never sets in June up there). There is a return journey, but who cares about that.

Unlike some of the more famous TV road trips, such as Long Way Down, we are not taking a tv crew or a mountain of spare parts. We would take a fully loaded MP3 player but we wouldn't be able to hear it in the Lotus.  Instead, we're taking some Swiss chocolate and a Swiss army knife (it seems only right!).


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  2. Pete, this sounds like a splendid outing!
    When in Norway Bergen specifically
    you have to look up
    our long time Norwegian mate Erling Berge.
    He is a special fried of ours.
    Ken and ess know him from our wedding in palm beach.
    He Spent two years in ireland when I convinced him to leave Norway,
    and experience Dublin and. Work for Wang IRL.
    He drinks guinness!
    Erling has a holiday place out of Bergen and he is a teriffic bloke!
    He is in my linked in network! Go call him!

  3. Vincent
    Erling was magnificent. All that you said and more. We had a wonderful time together.