Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Day 0 - The Human Interest Element by Navigator Kazza

The Human Interest Element ... by Navigator Kazza

The day started bright and sunny as we enjoyed a big brekkie on our balcony with Andrew & Pam (affectionately known as The Bumpkins). So then it was time to go and pack up Ellie and get the show on the road.

The yellow ribbon was cut to launch the start of the Alps to Arctic tour 2010.

So we waved goodbye to The Bumpkins and headed off on our journey….Bye bye Bumpkins, have fun in Lugano.

About 30 mins into the driving we hit our first traffic jam. Since it looked as though we were gonna be there for a while, my driver decided to play with all of his gadgets (I know, so unusual !!!). In doing this he placed his very expensive sunglasses on back wing of Ellie. Suddenly the traffic started to move, so my driver jumped in & off we went again (resetting up gadgets while attempting to drive….). Then after many, many « Expletive deleteds », my driver informed me that he had lost his glasses……they had remained on back wing of car when we took off…..yes, but not for long…. So, even though we knew the fate of glasses, the search for them continued (while driving in heavy traffic)….I decided at this point that I should keep quiet on the matter.

Once that trauma of the sunglasses was over we were back on track and headed for the Gottard Pass, Oberalpass (in both directions….just for fun), and finally the Klausen Pass where we were nearly blown off.

Once we were over the Klausen Pass, we headed for the home of our good friends, Pierre and Marielle, in Wollerau. There we were greeted and very well looked after ……bring on the bubbles….and so they did.

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