Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Day 6 - The Hardanger Fjord and Glacier

Another beautiful day. The view from the Berge home was even more spectacular in the morning. No idea about the sunrise … far too early.

But we headed to the Hardanger Fjord to see the glacier. A few hours and another ferry crossing later, we reached the top. Well, we would have if the snow covered road hadn’t blocked our path, so we had to walk the last few hundred metres. It was one of the most isolated places that I have ever been.

This is Karen's method of getting down the dangerous road ...

And this is how Erling the Hospitable and I got down ...

Thanks so much to Erling for a really enjoyable couple of days - we saw parts of Norway that we couldn’t have otherwise visited - thank you. We hope to repay your hospitality some day - come to Switzerland for a visit.

Our new chums on the KTM's were 2 Englishmen who were doing a tour of Southern Scandinavia.  They were on their way home while we were still on our way north.   They enjoyed getting some inside information from Erling the Hospitable.

Day 6 Alps to Arctic

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So later, we said our goodbyes to Erling the Hospitable and headed back to Bergen, in time to get some wine from the Government Store (it shuts at 18:00 - this is expected to be the last wine purchase so we stocked up……which isn‘t much when you‘re in a Lotus!!), some re-arranging of our itinerary (more of that later), an early dinner in preparation for a 6:00am start tomorrow.

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