Saturday, June 12, 2010

Day 2 - Germany to Sweden (oops, there went Denmark)

After a good night's sleep, much less alcohol, we arose before 6:00am to finish the blog and get an early start on the road.  

Bye Hannover!!

This morning was the opposite of yesterday.  Cooler and without wind.   Empty roads and no roadworks.  Until we reached the Danish border, Elie had the time of her life.   There were squeals of delight from the driver (hmmm ... perhaps it was me!) as we flew through the air at 200 kph.   What a different feeling from the 200 kph attempts yesterday.

What a great morning ... me, my driver and my beautiful Elie ... fantasticarama max!!!!

Karen (... hardly necessary ... it's not as if Peter would write such emotion!)

Over to Peter for the geeky car stuff ...
... and here it is ... 200 kph legitimately on the public road.

Honestly, it's more than a little nerve-wracking on some of the autobahn mostly because the speed differentials are very dangerous, especially on the 2-lane unrestricted parts. With 3 lanes, the slow traffic never really mixes with the überfast traffic, but on 2 lanes, there can easily be a differential of over 100 kph between adjoining lanes of traffic.

Hannover, Germany to Lund, Sweden

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From the Danish border, the weather became very cold and was a constant change between torrential Spring showers and bright sunshine.   We eventually stopped to put the roof on and we were very toasty warm and dry after that.   Denmark was very flat and pleasant driving, broken by the enormous bridges than span the islands of Jutland, Funen, Zealand in Demark and then to Sweden itself.   So despite our book saying otherwise, you can definitely drive from continental Europe to Scandinavia without the use of Ferries.

We had only 1 very brief stop in Denmark, to fill up with petrol and to savour a very tasty Danish pastry.

Lund is a nice town ... very quiet but with beautiful old cobbled streets in centre.  Since we arrived at 2pm, we were able to complete the blog AND walk the 6 kms round trip into town for an excellent albeit expensive burger 'n beer.  Expensive, as is everywhere in Sweden.  And Norway will be worse.

Tomorrow will be another very early start, so that we can stroll around Oslo for a few hours before the next very expensive beer.


  1. Well that just lovely! Don't you know we live in Victoria, The Nanny State, where even Lewis Hamilton gets his car impounded. 200kph ... we struggle to get to 40kph with all the road works about.

  2. Actually, the roads in many other countries would be far better for 200 kph driving. I do wonder how Germany manages to keep it no-speed-limit regulation. Especially as they have as many road-works (with 70 kph limits) as anyone. Could it be pure stubbornness?