Saturday, June 26, 2010

Day 16 - This day intentionally left blank ...

… due to lack of excitement.

It was an 8-hour drive through pretty but unchanging country …

 it's guaranteed to put anyone to sleep ... as it did both us ... but especially the driver as you can see below ...

... until we encountered two 2CV’s towing caravans … just as we neared Stockholm.    That brightened up our day.

PS #1:   Here's some incar footage to give you more entertainment than we had in the entire drive  ...

PS #2:   This evening's entertainment:
This evening is in a classic out-of-town Ibis, and our neighbours are 2-3 families of Jaysus Howya types from Kildare and Wicklow … travelling is big dual-cab tradie trucks … complete with equipment in the back. Hmmmmm.

Tomorrow is another rest day … to see the sights of Stockholm … but to be denied wine for the 3rd day in a row … yesterday was a red day (no sale of wine, although you can buy beer!!) … today is an even redder day … and tomorrow is Sunday. Jaysus.

Day 16 - Alps to Arctic

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