Thursday, June 10, 2010

Day 1 - The Sprint North on the Autobahn

The Expectation

It's off to Hannover today.  All flat.   All fast.   Only likely photo will be a blurr of speed.

The Reality

The reality was the drive from hell ... 10 hours to do a 7 hour trip ... 700 kms of which 100 was road works (really!) and another 100 was traffic jams (really!) ... it was like the worst bank holiday weekend in history ... but it was off-season.

To make it worse, the temperatures were scorching ... the roof was out ... and the a/c (yes, the Lotus has airconditioning) was malfunctioning.   To cap it off, on those very few stretches where there is no speed limit, the heavy traffic and howling cross-wind meant that 200 kph felt like a light plane landing in Wellington New Zealand.

The solitary photo is the one above with 200 kliks on the speedo, but you also have the GPS chart that I know you´re all become addicted to.

And Karen says that once we´d said farewell to Pierre and Marielle, there was zero human interest element to today´s journey.  Dull and tedious.  So there.

The Autobahn to Hannover

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