Thursday, June 17, 2010

Day 7 - Start the long drive North

NOTE:  Video clips have now been uploaded for Days 4 and 6, as well as for today Day 7

Today was expected to be a driving day ... with little in the way of human interest element.   And so it was apart from sheep that we encountered along the route, but they don't quite qualify as humans.

Our route was slightly different to the plan, courtesy of a suggestion from Erling the Hospitable to go via Voss and the mountain pass, rather than the direct route.  The scenery was, of course, splendid, and the surprises continued.

Is that a reflection ... or a photoshop ... or is it simply upside down?
There were many highlights ... but the most amazing was the perfect reflection in the lake right up at the top of the pass.

The 2nd surprise was the Queen Mary 2 moored in a Fjord ... blocking out the view and almost the sunlight (if there had been any).

Finally, the hotel this evening was a very pleasant surprise, sitting right atop the valley, with the most amazing view, and the really amazing bed.

Time for dinner now ... and that amazing bed ... ciao ciao

Tips for Elise travel #1:
Food Storage - Elise owners will know that inside the Elise there are quite a few flat surfaces that are really handy for storage.  For example, the flat surface above the dashboard is great for sunglasses, gps, tom tom, camera, travel books or packets of food (closed).  Also, the inside of the doors has sills that are wide at one end, tapering in to where the passenger sits.  The wide end is the perfect spot for an open punnet of stawberries.  However, any left turn (taken at I need to specify that??) will cause the strawberries to disperse throughout the inside (& outside) of the Elise.  Therefore, it is a better idea to place the punnet at the narrow end where the passenger can position a hand, or even a knee, to ensure the punnet does not move. 
End of Elise Travel Tip #1

Day 7 Alps to Arctic

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  1. What magnificent photos!!!!! WOW!!

    And Karen, how long have u been driving with this man? I woould have thought buttoning down any moveable objects in the car would have been 2nd nature by now ;-)