Sunday, June 20, 2010

The night of 20-21st June

Before we embark on today’s journey, which will be a leisurely stroll around Lofoten Island, here are some images from between Day 10 and Day 11 … late last evening and from after midnight … including some footage of driving after midnight. Appropriately, it was also 21st June … the longest day of the year … oops, the longest day of the year has little meaning in a place that has 24 hours of daylight for about 2 months!!!!

NOTE (especially Debbie and Louie):

Because it was the eve of 21st June, Senator George Mitchell negotiated with the Rain Gods for a temporary truce. There was to be no rain during the night (it took many diplomats to define the night ). It was hoped that the truce would continue beyond first light (wasn‘t that several weeks ago?) on 21st, but unfortunately the bombardment resumed with even greater ferocity at 0700 hours today.

Nevertheless, we are thankful that we could emerge from our rain bunkers for those few hours … especially on such an auspicious day. We have recorded those precious moments in some photos and video for your pleasure.

The view from our window:

Artistic view of Å:

Dinner arriving … I had cod and Karen had

Karen spots a sea eagle ...

Peter talking … hardly unusual but rarely recorded … most cameras are asleep by then:

Peter not talking … but I think that the seagull on his shoulder is talking … in fact they never stopped all night:

The Russians have arrived …. Taking advantage of the truce

And video proof … they were fishing for state secrets

Various after-midnight images:

And finally, what it’s like to drive after midnight … two clips here … one along the sea-shore … and another arriving back into Å about 12:45 am … quarter to one in the morning:

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