Monday, June 21, 2010

Day 11 - Golf Boy's Big Night Out (for 2 months straight)

Today was a day for tootling around. So we covered 2 or 3 of the separate islands, as far as the Lofoten Golf Links, which is a 9-hole golf course on the edge of the ocean, facing the Arctic Ocean. If your drive is good enough, you could get a hole in one to the North Pole. (Tom, am I using the right terminology?).

Since we know little about golf, and can not read Norwegian, we didn’t learn much at the Club House, other than that they have very nice Cloud Berry muffins. We did get a score card for golf legend Tom Power-Horan, but later that same day, it got drowned by some beer spillage, and is now almost illegible.  But we do have photographs!!

Tom, you would love it here … you could play golf 24 hours a day … for at least 2 months.
Ken, you’d have to drive him to the Golf Club early in the morning (like 4:00am) one day in late May, and then go and pick him up late in the day (like midnight) some day in early to mid July!!!!

Tee off ….

Don’t hit that Lotus …

8th Hole ….

During the day, we confirmed what Erling has said … which is that the further South on the islands, the more dramatic the scenery, and the more beautiful the villages. If any of you are ever venturing up here, go for the fishermen’s cabins (the Rorbuer). The are cheaper, self sufficient, and in fantastic locations.

We also confirmed that driving can be hazardous … and since they had snow here only 2 weeks ago … that was probably the reason for the Saab being in the ocean.

Grass roofs are quite common here … the Norwegian equivalent to our Irish thatched roofs …

This is supposed to be the largest mural in the world … any competitors …?

And finally a little video clip of typical road conditions … dramatic … and even more so because of the rain …

Day 11 - Tour of Lofoten Island

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  1. Wow how green (and beautiful) it is!

  2. As official driver for golfboy I really like the idea of 2 months between drop off and pick up. I get the impression that Tom would like it too. I knew a man who once did 100 holes in day. That record could surely be broken with 24 hours of day light.

  3. Hmmm ... it just occurred to me that you might send GolfBoy to Milan on a plane ... in which case, I'd have to drive the 9,000 kms again ... to deliver him to the golf course .... hmmm indeed.